Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Herzing Will Now Accept All Crown College Credits From Current Students

In an earlier Tacoma News Tribune Article, a student stranded by Crown College's loss of accreditation lamented that, despite John Wabel's assurances, Herzing College would only take a portion of her credits and that it cost more than Crown College. Thus, she would have to attend Herzing College for two more years before she received her Bachelor's degree and borrow more money.

It appears, that in response to that article, Herzing has "reversed" course and now, as reported in a follow-up Tacoma News Tribune story, Herzing states that it will accept all the credits of Crown College students currently stranded by Crown College's closure as long as they are earned a "C" or better which is standard practice for transfer. Also, Herzing will charge them reduced tuition and give them complimentary software and books.

Hmmmm, it would appear that Herzing changed (or clarified) its position not out of some kind of everyman, altruistic concern for the academically shipwrecked students but out of perhaps embarrassment at the previous story which appeared to contradict the first reports that they would take all the credits. They are after all a for-profit institution so unfortunately, their motives are suspect. This is an opportunity for them get an influx of students and some name recognition. It also displays the power of the media. Had the Tacoma News Tribune not published the story of the Crown College student whose credits were not going all be accepted and the higher tuition, would Herzing College have changed their position? Somehow I do not think so.

However, the end result will be that the last batch of Crown College students will be the most fortunate inasmuch as they will end up with a credits and degrees from a regionally accredited institution making them truly transferable to most institutions. Something none of the previous 17 years of Crown College students had despite the fact that many admission representatives told them that. Ironic, that they are saved by Crown College's demise! Truly ironic.


Anonymous said...

It would be nice if the publisher of this article would contact Herzing College Online Campus directly to talk with someone at that campus. It is very convenient to just assume that Herzing College is out to assume their motives are suspect without doing some true investigation to their report as professional reporters do. Herzing College has been around for over 40 years and has been providing a quality education with students finding employement at an extremely high percentage (96% in 2006 of available graduates).

Secondly, if the papers would have contacted Herzing College as well before publishing the first report saying "all credits would transfer" and got the direct response through Herzing it would have not been necessary to republish the article with the accurate information.

Herzing College can be reached toll free at 866-508-0748 to clarify any additional information.

Anonymous said...

i go to herzing college now, and it sucks so bad, cant keep teachers or clinical instructors, always changing courses, if id known what i know now, i WOULD NOT have gone.