Sunday, August 19, 2007

Crown College Key Employees Investigated for Financial Aid Fraud

As the Seattle Times reported, federal investigators suspect several Crown College employees of financial aid fraud, conspiracy to defraud and bank fraud. The Department of Education, Office of Inspector General served a search warrant on Crown College and seized records, a lot of records as the returned search warrant details. Apparently, some clever Crown employees, when they suspected that Crown College was going to close, applied for federal loans and grants though they were not and had no intention of attending classes. They figured that once Crown closed the loans would be discharged under Department of Education rules governing school closures and they would retain the funds thus unjustifiably enriching themselves. Unfortunately, Crown did not close when they thought it would, so they dummied up documents giving the appearance that they were attending the school.

Well considering how these employees excel in contriving documents and lying to prospective students, (Read the Declaration of Adrienne Rocco, a former admissions representative and her complaint to the ACCSCT) this was easy enough for them to do. Especially since many of them lack a moral compass, traits that made them quite valuable to school whose profits were premised on lies. There are a few honest employees at the school, as misplaced as they are, and one of them reported the fraud to the HECB which reported it to the Department of Education.

Mr. Wabel informed the Seattle Times that he was unaware of the investigation and declared that the perpetrators were innocent. It seems that Mr. Wabel, as is his habit, was looking the other way, or perhaps behind his back (as he is in the above picture of a Crown College employee get together). However, the affidavit filed in support of the search warrant strongly implies that Mr. Wabel was indeed aware of the investigation, notwithstanding his statement to the contrary. Moreover, the affidavit cites a kaleidoscope of evidence pointing to the potential culpability of all the Crown College administrators named in the search warrant which include Sheila Mullineaux, the director of the school, Jesy McMullin, the senior admissions representative (who allegedly lied about the transferability of Crown credits to several former Crown students), Misty Lee, the financial director and Jennifer Byers, the business manager.

Mr. Wabel is quoted as saying that the employees listed in the warrant "are good at what they do." Would that be lying and stealing? The fact that some of the most trusted, and senior administrators at Crown might endeavor to defraud the federal government simply because they felt that they could get away with it, shows you how casually they could defraud the very students who depended on them for guidance and truth. It might well be why they rose so high in the organization. Mr. Wabel has to be proud of his employee selection process!

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Eraser said...

Instructor Fired for refusing to play by BIG CORPORATE rules!

On December 03, 2007 I took an HVAC Instructor position with Everest Institute in Austin, Texas (Corinthian Schools, Inc. ~ 6 Hutton Centre Drive, Suite #400 ~ Santa Ana, CA 92707).

On May 15, 2008, I was called into the DOE's (RHVAC chairperson was also present) office. A written “Performance Improvement Plan” was conducted. In the PIP several untruths were discussed.
I had nine (9) students drop from my class – eight of the students never showed up to my class. NOT ONE DAY!
I had weekly training for the past two (2) months – no training ever took place
I bad mouth other Instructor's to students - HORSESHIT!

When my chairperson substituted for me do to an injured that I sustained in the RHVAC shop, he stated several students said they were not getting anything out of your class - that's why they leave. I said that's funny, I was told by the students they left because you were an "ASS!" The official TWC roster will show only 11 out of 20 students even came to class that day to sign the roster. All students were marked "Left Early" with three plus hours remaining in the class period.

You can decide who's the "ASS" ?

On May 20, 2008, I contacted my HR rep in California, by phone to file a rebuttal for writing untrue statements in my PIP. I explained and she said file your rebuttal and I'll take care of it.

On May 22, 2008, I observed two chair members looking for someone out in the parking lot. I asked who they were looking for. The RHVAC chairperson said “The student's name”
He was my student, so I ask if something was wrong. The RHVAC chairperson stated “Just when you see him send him to me!” I then instructed the student to go see , the chairperson approximately 15 minutes later.

Student's and Instructor were OFF - May 23 through May 26

On May 27, 2008, I returned to work. When I entered the Everest’s Institute building I was greeted by my chairperson at the front door. He stated the president, needs you in his office now. The president had my HR per on the speaker phone. The DOE and RHVAC chair were also present. I was questioned about my involvement with student – drinking beer in the parking lot and another student rolling a marijuana cigarette in the his car. Then I was accused of letting students cheat on test. While my HR rep (who was suppose to be in my corner) was basically telling the president to fire me, I noticed one of my students first and last names was written on back his statement. The so called witness was one of my own students. I'm really not sure what the student had to gain, but it must have been worth it. Yes, I was FIRED about five minutes later.


Fired RHVAC Instructor