Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Herzing College Responds

An anonymous post was posted in response to a blog article presumably from somebody at Herzing College and I wanted to respond to it. The author of the newspaper article referred to in the "anonymous" post did not ascribe any malicious intent to Herzing, as far as I read. She did report that a current Crown student who presumably contacted Herzing was concerned that all her credits would not be accepted, and more importantly that the school would cost more money than Crown College. As I understand it, the reporter did attempt to contact the school and did not receive a response. The publisher of the blog article also attempted to contact the school and was unsuccessful. The publisher of the blog article did speak with a person who had contacted Herzing College and the person that person spoke to was reluctant to talk to her about specifics concerning Herzing's accepting Crown students.

It is therefore possible that Herzing College initially did decide to accept all credits for which a "C" or better had been earned, reduce the amount of tuition it was charging and offer complimentary software and books to the students who are currently enrolled in Crown and this "offer" was not prompted by the publishing of the second Tacoma News Tribune article and, consequently Herzing never "changed" its position. It is just that nobody was able to ascertain Herzing's position though valid attempts were made to do so.

The author of the blog article, well me, did suspect that Herzing College "changed,", "clarified," "redefined," its position because of the second article. I also suspected, and still do, that their decision to accept Crown College students is not totally altruistic and that their motivations partly revolve around generating name recognition for the school and an influx of revenue, aka students. That in and of itself is not necessarily nefarious and there may be few purely altruistic decisions any commercial enterprise makes. I believe that Herzing's decision to accept all the credits of Crown's College's students' and offer them such favorable terms is puzzling in light of the checkered history of Crown College. I do not believe that this "opportunity" is being extended to non-current Crown College students who have already graduated or quit. Thus, this offer could be a loss leader and they hope to entice former Crown College students to attend there school on terms more profitable to them. Those students will still not be made "whole" as many had hopes of continuing their education at non-profit public universities which cost a good deal less than the likes of the few known schools willing to accept Crown College credits for transfer, including Herzing College.

This blog is about for profit education and what I personally feel is the inherent conflict of interest in any institution that is resolved to provide an education AND make a profit doing it. Many for profit schools, including many of the bigger "players" have been routinely accused of, sued for, and/or settled allegations accusing them of misrepresenting their accreditation, placement rates, facilities, licenses, faculty, transferability of their credits in order to induce prospective students to enroll and stay enrolled so they are able to profit from the revenue derived from them.

However, I have not been able to locate any such allegation, complaint or lawsuit about Herzing College. They are also one of the few for-profit education schools who have are regionally accredited so, they will theoretically not suffer from the "transfer of credit" blues. If they are a purely a white knight, the are to be commended.

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Anonymous said...

Herzing University in Toledo Ohio has lied to their Surgical Tech Students. When it came time for us to go on our externships they kept putting us off, then finally admitted that the extern sites that they told us and ABHES the body that has yet to certify Toledo
do not exist. The corporate people are either covering it up to get their accredadation, or maybe they are unaware and the Campus President and Academic Dean are hiding it.
Either way stay away from Herzing University after 18 months we have spent alot on chaos and nothing on a quality education.