Saturday, September 1, 2007

So I Called Herzing Myself

So, I called Herzing College as it was suggested "I" do. I had never called a for-profit school before and it was a very interesting experience. Not unlike calling a car lot or a health club, but more on that later. The deal that the person I spoke to you told me, after checking with the project manager, was that this school has "made a deal with Crown" (aka John Wabel) to accept all of Crown's students; credits. He also pointed out that I would "have a hard time" finding any school to accept Crown's credits, a fact that I was already well aware of. The deal is, as I was told, was that the discount -- wherein Herzing would lower its tuition to that of Crown's and provide free textbooks and software, was only available if the student started this "fall" semester.

Herzing College is not the first for-profit school to accept Crown's credits. University of Phoenix has accepted them for some time. However, many students were induced to go to Crown by misrepresentations made by Crown College admission representatives that there credits would transfer to schools such as public University of Washington and other schools which cost considerably less than Herzing or University of Phoenix. So the fact that Herzing will take their credits, though fortuitous, does not undue the fraud that visited upon them.