Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Crown College Ex-Officers Steal from You

As most are aware, Crown College ex-officers, former vice president, Sheila Mullineaux; the college's admissions director and registrar, Jesica McMullin; and financial aid director Misty Lee, and Jennifer Byers, the fiscal manager and bookkeeper were indicted by a federal court. Their arraignment was set continued from May 28 to June 11, 2010. On June 11, 2010 only Jesica McMullin appeared. The clerk clerk stated that the U.S. Attorney's office was inquiring as to whether they had received notice of the arraignment before taking further action.

This indictment will most likely not be news to many of the unfortunate students not to mention the even more unfortunate taxpayers. Actually one could argue, and I do, that Crown College and their staff have allegedly been stealing from the federal government for some time which is what happens when you lie to students about the transferability of credits. Those students do not receive the education they bargain for and are stuck in place and have wasted the taxpayers' money or they must continue their education in another school, again in determent to the taxpayer.

In reality, if these ex-officers are guilty, what they have done is simply dispense with the middle man, i.e., the students and stuck their hands directly into the public till. You see, the federal government and you gentle taxpayer fund higher education and for-profit schools through the grants and federal loans. Yes, the student is responsible, however, since the federal government guaranteed the loan, the taxpayer is on the hook.


Anonymous said...

Mullineaux, Crown College's admissions director and registrar plead guilty to mail fraud in Feb 2011. In court documents, it stated that she did not have a high school diploma nor a GED in order to qualify for the student loans.

Anonymous said...

Sheila Mullineaux and Misty Lee plead guilty to charges. Jennifer Byers and Jesica McMullin plead not guilty, but were each found guilty of 7 counts of mail fraud and 1 count of financial aid fraud on July 14, 2011.