Saturday, March 17, 2007

Conflict of Interest in For-Profit Education - Part 1

Is a quality education akin to any other commodity? To some extent one could make that argument. When you have persons making a profit off of providing you with an education several problems are created. The biggest one is the conflict of interest that is created. You are interested in getting a good education, the for-profit educators are interested in ... well making a profit. Now those who have an unflinching love affair with capitalism will tell you this is a good thing, that free markets are better for everything, that somehow they are like fires that burn out impurities. That the best way to succeed is to make a better product. Actually, that's not quite true as we have seen repeatedly. One can succeed by foisting an inferior product on the unsuspecting or unsophisticated public and that's what a lot of for-profit schools do. Certainly Crown College has did just that and succeeded rather well!

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